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TeacherBuilder’s online alternative teaching certification program offers you a fast, efficient, and flexible way to become a certified teacher in Texas. Our program offers you an online curriculum and support through your first year of teaching so you can achieve your dream career. Follow these simple steps to pursue teaching certification in Texas:

  • Apply to TeacherBuilder
  • Submit official transcripts for review
  • Choose a qualifying area and enroll
  • Pass your TExES Content Exam
  • Start applying for teaching positions while completing the rest of state mandated requirements

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Admission to TeacherBuilder is easy and available to anyone who meets the following requirements:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree or in your last semester of obtaining a bachelor’s degree
  • Hold 2.5+ GPA posted on your official transcripts or 2.5+ GPA in the last 60 semester hours of coursework attempted

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At TeacherBuilder there are many ways to qualify.
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At TeacherBuilder there are many ways to qualify.

PACT Route

We have helped thousands reach their certification goals.

International Candidate Route

Your curriculum is available online 24/7/365 from any device.

Career & Technology Route

Our team will guide you through the entire certification process.

College Student Route

Our goal is to ensure that you can afford the career of your dreams.

Clinical Teaching Route

For candidates looking to get certified in 14 Weeks.

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Special rules allow qualified applicants to begin teaching
immediately upon meeting program requirements.

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TeacherBuilder makes the path to certification simple, affordable, and achievable. You can become a fully certified Texas teacher this school year. Pay No Program Fee Until You’re Hired! Apply today to get started.

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Suitable to change depending on promotion and payments made (11 monthly payments of $409)

*There is a $235 Enrollment Fee + $35 TEA Tech Fee due upon signing (Monthly Payment Plan Options Available). This enrollment fee is credited to the overall cost of program which is $4,735. You are not responsible for the remaining balance until you secure a teaching position and enter the internship phase. After which, as a full-time teacher you will make 11 monthly installments of $409* interest-free deducted from your paycheck. (Other Payment Options can be made)

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