Frequently Asked Questions

I’m looking to enroll, and I have a question…

  • What are the requirements to apply?

    Most candidates follow’s Traditional Route which requires a 2.5+ GPA and a 4-year bachelor’s degree.

  • Are there any pre-requisite exams prior to enrolling?

    No, does not require any pre-requisite exams unless candidates do not meet the 2.5+ GPA Requirement. In which, a PACT Exam will be required prior to formal admission.

  • What if I don’t have a bachelor’s degree; can I still qualify for the program?

    Depends, if you have 2-5 years of wage-earning experience working under a valid certificate or license, you may qualify for’s Career & Technology Route.

  • Do I have to be a U.S. Citizen to enroll with

    No, you do not have to be a U.S. Citizen to apply to our program. However, there are preliminary steps that must be completed prior to being admitted. (Check our International Route Section for more information)

  • How long does the enrollment process take?

    The enrollment process is very short and can be completed the same day your application is completed. The enrollment process can take longer if there are missing documents such as transcripts or transfer release forms.

  • Do I need to send in official transcripts?

    Yes, we are required by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to collect official transcripts. Although, an unofficial transcript can be used to begin the enrollment process. During the enrollment process, your academic advisor will inform you as to where to send your official transcripts.

  • How do I send in my transcripts?

    The fastest and preferred method to receive your transcripts is electronically. Please be sure to send you transcripts to the address provided by your academic advisor to begin the enrollment process.

  • How long is the program?

    Most candidates are eligible for hire within weeks. Typically, candidates’ complete coursework and testing requirements between 1-3 months. With our 100% online curriculum you have the flexibility to complete items on your own time!

  • Will I get paid during my internship year?

    Yes! During your Internship Year, you receive full pay and benefits from your school district as teacher of record.

  • Do I need classroom experience to become teacher certified?

    No, you do not need classroom experience. You will complete classroom observations as part of our curriculum before teaching.

  • What certification areas do you offer? offers over 25+ different certification areas! Be sure to visit our Certification Areas Page for more information.

  • What am I required to pay to get started?

    The only fee you are required to pay to get started is the $365 Enrollment Fee + $35 TEA Tech Fee. One enrollment fee is paid, you will gain access to your teacher training and study material.

  • What happens if I decide teaching isn’t for me?

    If at any point, you choose to abandon the program before getting hired. You are not responsible for the remaining program balance.

    If you wish to pause the program for an extended time it is important to communicate that to one our officers.

    Also, all enrollment fees are nonrefundable; failure to stay active in the program can result in being formally withdrawn.

  • What is the total cost of the program?

    There is a $365 enrollment fee upon signing. This enrolment fee is credited to the overall cost of the program which is $6,065. You are not responsible for the remaining balance until you secure a teaching position and enter the internship phase. After which, as a full-time teacher you will make 11 interest-free monthly installments of $518 deducted from your paycheck.

  • Can I apply for Financial Aid?

    Financial Aid is available through a student loan program from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Check our Pricing Page for more information

  • What other fees are required?

    TEA Technology Fee - $35

    Certification Exam - $58 - $116

    Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) Exam - $116

    Fingerprinting $50 (Approximate)

    Certificate Application Fee - $78

I just enrolled and I have a question…

  • What should I do after I enroll?

    After you enroll, be sure to be check your email including spam folder. Log-In credentials will be emailed shortly after enrollment so you can get started on your online teacher training and study material.

  • What is the Introductory Coursework?

    Your Introductory Coursework is composed of your online courses in relation to classroom readiness. This also includes your Field-Based Experience (FBE) Hours.

  • What does the Introductory Coursework cover?

    a.Introductory Coursework covers Classroom Readiness and is covered by your first 4 modules:
    01 – Introduction of Instructional Planning
    02 – Introduction to Communities of Learning
    03 – Introduction to Assessments
    04 – Introduction to Classroom Management

  • How do I register for Exams?

    The TExES exams are administered by Pearson. You can also find instructions on how to register for you exam under our Resources Page.

  • Do I need to complete my coursework before taking an exam?

    No. You may complete your Field Based Experience Hours, Introductory Coursework, and Testing in any order. However, does place an emphasis that candidates register for their exam within 30 days of being admitted. Candidates are required to provide a testing date within 30 days not necessarily take the exam within 30 days.

  • What are Field-Based Experience Hours?

    Field-Based Experience (FBE) Hours are classroom observations. This introductory experience involves observing educational activities in a TEA approved classroom setting.

  • What type of experience counts towards FBE Hours?

    Any experience that occurs on a TEA-accredited campus where you are observing a certified teacher deliver instruction to at least one student can count towards your FBE Hours.

  • Does Substitute Teaching count toward FBE Hours?

    No. Unfortunately, substitute teaching does not fall under this requirement from TEA, as you must observe a certified teacher rather than deliver content yourself. However, substitute teaching is recommended to increase your marketability with a school district.

  • How do I schedule In-Person FBE Hours?

    We recommend that you first check the district website and search for approval to conduct your observations. If you do not find any information online, call the district Human Resources department. Be sure to contact the HR department prior to contacting a campus directly.

  • I have a question about the curriculum; who should I ask?

    For any information pertaining to the curriculum please be sure to contact your instructor. Feel free to email your specific questions to

  • When can I take my PPR Exam?

    You will gain access to challenging the PPR Exam when you have completed your PPR Coursework and PPR Benchmark. Your PPR Coursework will be available when you must have completed your Introductory Coursework.

  • What do I need to get hired?

    The only item required to get hired is a Statement of Eligibility.

  • What is a Statement of Eligibility?

    Your Statement of Eligibility (SOE) is a document that states you are enrolled in our program and are eligible for hire. When you are offered employment, please be sure to contact our certification officer at

  • Do I need to create another TEAL or PEARSON account if I already have one?

    No, if a previous TEAL or PEARSON account has been created, you will use that same account for your certification and testing needs. Forgot your login credentials? Please be sure to follow the instructions on the specific site to retrieve access to your account.

I just got hired and I have a question…