Student Handbook

The Teacher Builder Student Handbook is the primary resource for academic policies and procedures, academic and student resources, and financial services policies for students. The handbook is only available electronically, via our website.



TBC Observation Log: form will be utilized as a way to keep track of observations.


TB In-Person Hours

Disclaimer: Observation hours are to be conducted after a candidate is formally admitted into the program. Please refer to Student Handbook: 2c i,ii,iii.


Criminal Background


Internship Flowchart


PPR Exam


Program Course


Cohort Calendar


Military Service Credit and/or Non-Military Service Credit (TAC 228.35)


Program Accreditation History

2017-2018 Accountability System for Educator Preparation Annual Report


Teacher Supply and Demand Effects

2018-2019 Teacher Shortage Areas and Loan Forgiveness Programs

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COVID-19 Concerns

In the best interest of our families, our team, and local residents, Teacherbuilder has decided to conduct all business affairs on line. Teacherbuilder will be available through phone, email, and/or text during regular office hours (M-F 9am-5pm). will remain up and running and will continue to be updated with latest information regarding teaching certification.

The health and safety of all our candidates and team members is top priority. We understand the concern and increased awareness regarding health and safety. Teacherbuilder plans to take every precaution to ensure we comply with guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and state department of health.

Your safety and well-being are of highest concern. For more information visit the CDC website guidelines for COVID-19 at the link below.

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