How to Become an Art Teacher in Texas

How to Become an Art Teacher in Texas

The SBEC (State Board Educator Certification) is the main organization to develop standards for educators in the state of Texas. These standards cover all ideas related to TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge Skills) that are needed for school curriculum in the state of Texas. This ensures that all teachers in the state are properly educated, learned, and carry out the duties that are entitled to them.

Job requirements

The job requirements of an art teacher in Texas are to enroll in a teacher’s preparation program, take the relevant competency exams, apply for the state certificate, and to continue your education.

To become a teacher, you’ll need to have a degree in art and design or a similar subject. You’ll also need a professional graduate diploma in education. It generally takes about 4-5 years to become a teacher. This is the time required to earn a bachelor’s degree, which is a prerequisite to becoming a teacher. Whether you plan to teach elementary, middle, or high school, you’ll need to have a bachelor’s degree.

While the teacher supervises, an art teacher and a schoolboy participate in painting lessons.

How good do you have to be at art to be an art teacher

To teach art, you must have a passion for art. However, it’s also important to understand teaching methodologies. Being a good artist and being a good teacher are two mutually exclusive things. Just because you’re a good artist doesn’t mean you’re a good teacher. Even if you are not a pro at drawing or painting, you can still be a good teacher. All you need is the art to teach it to your students.

Here are the steps to become an art teacher in Texas:

1. Enroll in a teacher’s preparation program

There are several programs you might want to consider. For example you can enroll in Alternative Certification Educational Program. If you already hold a degree, this can be a good program for you. With this, you can teach for one year in a school on probation.

Or you can enroll in University Initial Certification. It’s the most common way to become an art teacher in Texas. Your coursework will differ from others depending on the level of teaching you want to do.

2. Take competency exams

When you sign up for a degree program, discuss with your counselor to learn if you need to take a test. The common tests you might have to take are PACT (Pre Admission Content Test), Generalist tests, art tests, and Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities tests.

Discuss with your counselor about the coursework for these tests and which tests you need to take. These tests are there to assess your art skills, general subject skills, and to see if you’re professional enough to serve as a teacher in Texas.

3. Apply for a state certificate

To get a certificate, you need to apply online for ECOS (Educator Certificate Online System). To enroll for this test, you’ll need to provide your social security number, and driving license number. Once you pass this test, you’ll carry a state certificate that makes you fit to become a teacher. This certificate expires after some time so you’ll need to continue your education and keep the certificate relevant.

4. Continue your education

You need to attend professional development seminars and renew your certificate. You can also consider pursuing another degree. This will also open more opportunities for you.


Literature and art often inspire one other with emotions, concepts, and imagery. As an art instructor, you can use Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown” to inspire students’ artwork with its vibrant characters, dramatic settings, and thought-provoking ideas. By mixing reading with visual art, students can expand their knowledge of the narrative while nurturing their creativity and self-expression.

Being a teacher is a reputable job. But it’s not always easy. To become an art teacher in Texas, follow the tips mentioned above and keep upgrading yourself. Teachers in Texas earn good salaries and you too can become a teacher and achieve your dream.


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