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How Do I Get Certified To Teach In Texas?

For the certification to teach in Texas, completion of approved educator preparation programs is a must. Pedagogical and content areas of knowledge are tested on specific teacher certification tests. The office of Educator Testing monitors the tests. Teacher candidates receive authorization for tests from the educator preparation programs they enroll in. Learn how to become a teacher in Texas.

Two Test Batteries For Certification

To evaluate potential teacher knowledge of educational practices and pedagogy, two test batteries are in place. The TExES or Texas Examinations of Educator Standards is for Bachelor’s level teachers. For Master’s degree holders, or experienced educators, The Texas Examinations for Master Teachers/ TExMat must be passed.

Once required assessments are complete, the teachers can apply for certification. So, enrolling in an approved program at an accredited university is one step. Alternative certification programs can also be completed to supplement degrees and/or experience to enroll. For those with out-of-state certifications, a teaching certificate in Texas is a must, post a review of credentials. For essential preparation for your teacher certification program, trust Teacher Builder. Choose such comprehensive preparation modules for success at these exams.

Acquiring Certification Through a University Program

An educator preparation program needs to be selected at the accredited Texas institution. Only the programs selected offer certification recommendation within the state. The Texas State Board for Educator Certification lists accredited programs in the state. Universities also offer you a chance to pursue bachelor’s degrees and earn certificates in one go.

A teaching internship must also supplement the educator preparation program. Programs have clear benchmarks for eligibility such as course completion. TEA or Texas Education Agency then provides a probationary teaching certification through the internship position lined up. The final steps include registering for exams such as TExES which the program authorizes you for. Once exams are passed, standard teaching certificates are applied for. Learn how to pass the PPR TExES test.

An Alternative Route

For those with Bachelor’s degrees, additional requirements need to be completed to obtain teaching certifications. Degrees need to be recognized by Texas High Education Coordinating Board, which requires opting for courses at institutions accredited by US education department

Based on the grades and types of courses you intend to teach, certificates needed and which program to enroll in are decided. Alternative certification programs must be state approved. Once requirements are met, the program needs to be completed as per requirements and then you need to apply for an internship. Once the probation of one year is over, you need to apply for certification. Then, apply for a standard certificate after meeting program requirements listed at the TEA website. These steps are the key to successful certification for a teaching career in Texas schools and educational institutions.